About Nature Visions Photography By Cheryl Field

Artist Statement:
I'm compelled to photograph nature, satisfying a need deep within me. I’m drawn to unite as one with the mountains, streams, forests, and animals. Only when my spirit connects with Mother Earth do I create pictures rather than take pictures. I passionately photograph the vast wilderness of Colorado and The West with awe inspiring respect and appreciation. May my fine art Nature Visions photography inspire your soul to explore, enjoy and protect the natural beauty of our land and its animals. 

About Cheryl Field:
Cheryl expresses her passion towards nature through the art of photography. At the age of six, Cheryl developed her artistic skills by taking private lessons from a professional artist. Watercolors and pastels were among her favorite mediums to work in, until she took a
photo class in high school and soon realized that photography was her new artistic outlet. Cheryl moved from the Jersey Shore to the Colorado Rocky Mountains where she achieved a college degree in photography. She passionately photographs the vast landscapes, wildlife and nature of Colorado and The West with awe inspiring respect and appreciation. Cheryl started Nature Visions, her own fine art nature photography business, and her inspiring photographs are found in Colorado art galleries. Cheryl welcomes you to explore her visions of nature...